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Make sure your Sydney abode is protected from peeping eyes and the hot sun with the huge array of stunning products that Sydney Curtains & Blinds has to offer. We offer a broad range of both outdoor and indoor curtains as well as a world class installation service provided by our expert installation team, ensuring that you receive comprehensive solutions from start to finish. Whether you’re after standard options or would like to order custom curtains, Sydney Curtains & Blinds have the stylish solution for your space. You can feel confident placing your curtains and blinds needs in the capable hands of our dedicated and professional team at Sydney Curtains & Blinds.

Our company

Sydney Curtains & Blinds is an old-fashioned company that provides quality products for competitive prices. We offer our Sydney clients effective and practical solutions that suit their specific curtain needs. Our highly professional team is extremely experienced and committed to establishing positive client relationships, and our talented staff readily provide premium custom curtain and blinds installations in Sydney to both domestic and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on being deeply committed to bringing you the best curtains and blinds that Sydney has to offer, and our great attention to detail is what allows us to bring you a quality product every single time.

Blinds made just for you

As an industry leader, Sydney Curtains & Blinds offer a broad selection of blinds, curtains and window coverings. We provide roller, vertical, Venetian and Roman custom-made curtains in an array of colours. Our products also come in a range of textures, fabrics, materials and styles to suit any interior or style. You can rest assured that our team will assist you in finding the perfect customised curtains to match your needs and offer you a unique and tailored product. In addition to our products being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, all of our range is made from premium resources sourced from reputable brands.

Sydney Curtains & Blinds also sell and provide automatic blinds and curtains – at the touch of a button, you can open or close our automated drapes. Our automated window covers are either hard-wired or battery operated, and they can be easily operated using a remote control. If you revel in the luxury of operating your customised curtains at the click of a button, automated drapes are perfect for you. You can read more about automation in the Our Services section below.

Regardless of what option you decide to go for, our Sydney-based services are comprehensive and top of the range. Not only are the products offered at Sydney Curtains & Blinds high quality, durable and stylish, but our installation services will ensure that they look and work perfectly for years to come.

Our Services


Sydney Curtains & Blinds offers a comprehensive range of custom-made curtains to suit your Sydney dwelling or office. Whether you are after classic or more contemporary options, Sydney Curtains & Blinds can customise the curtains to suit your specific needs. You can read more about our customised curtain options here.


Whether the blinds you are after are roller, vertical, Venetian or Roman, we at Sydney Curtains & Blinds have the perfect blinds to meet your needs. We supply high quality products manufactured from the very best materials and fabrics. Our experienced and professional installation team meticulously installs outdoor and indoor blinds in Sydney. You can read more about our blinds options here.


Our expert consultants at Sydney Curtains & Blinds can assess your individual needs and advise as to what will be most appropriate for the room or situation that you need curtains or drapes. From hand-drawn to automated, tracks come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colours, finish, glides/rollers and many different types of finnials. You can read more about our track options here.


Automation is a great option for those who love a rich blend of classic design and modern technology. If you prefer a window covering without the inconvenience of hanging chains and cords, automated curtains are for you. Speak with our consultant and be guided by their incredible depth of knowledge about automated window dressings. You can read more about our exciting automation options here.


All of our blinds and curtains come with standard/mandatory 12-month warranty and we also provide a minimum 24-month warranty on mechanism, fitting and fabrics. If you would like to find out more, we are always more than happy to lend a hand – simply get in touch via the contact details below.

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Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor awning or subtle automatic options, Sydney Curtains & Blinds have the right solution for your space. Feel free to call our office on 1300 78 74 64 with any questions about our automated options or installation services. You can also email us on info@pullmystring.com.au or fill out our online order form. We are confident that our dedicated staff will assist you in finding the perfect curtains and blinds for your specific needs, every step of the way.

  • We offer an “Old Fashioned” service which results in many satisfied customers.

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  • Tracks now come in a very large variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colours, finish, glides/rollers etc

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  • It is becoming increasingly popular (and convenient) to have curtains and blinds automated.

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  • We supply a full range of fabrics and many “end-of-lines” which help the budget conscious.

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